1) And Juliet
And Juliet is a romantic thriller that was featured at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2014. Still shots were provided to me by the director. The first scene opened up with a woman painting on a canvas and after taking a sip of wine provided by her boyfriend, she dies. Because of this, I thought it would be cool to incorporate paint strokes as the main element in the early stages of designing the poster. The focal point of the 2 main characters gazing at each other was the best photo to use because they were very attracted to each other (or so we thought). Their bottom torsos were out of the frame. I solved it with a black vector pattern, which also provided contrast to bring out white text even more. I mirrored the images of the 2 figures towards the bottom, and looking back now I could’ve done without it. In the film, the couple were reciting lines from Romeo and Juliet before the tragic death occurred, and I thought scripted type was best-fitting. The type I used for the credits are standard for any movie poster, and I slapped on an ornament behind the “and Juliet” text for visual service. The quote above is from a very pivotal point in the film, so I included that on the poster as well. And lastly, I ran with the idea of floating heads because we tend to see the method on other romantic novel/movie ads. The project went under 1 revision and was completed within 6-7 hours total with research.
2) Banana Republic (Spring)
3) Banana Republic (Summer)