Logotype I did for a friend's initials. I played with shapes and variations of the color green. It has a very flowery feel to it. I like how the stems (no pun intended) of the letters flowed from down to up. You can notice the effects of The Hermann Grid Illusion (grey blobs) taking place at certain intersections of the logotype. I've gotten some feedback saying this could pass for a Super Mario or Sonic stage.
Type portrait of actress Kat Graham.
This project was for school where I had to design a logotype for a listed city. I was limited to using only quarter-circle arcs with a radius of 1.5”, rotated in 45° increments, AND 1.5” long lines, rotated in 45° increments to spell out the name of my chosen city. I recall being the only one in class who chose to work on Minneapolis. I tried to go for a Native American motif. The M stands for the mountains because they are tall and can be seen everywhere, therefore it is the longest letter in length. The 2 N's overlaying on top of each other symbolizes the abundance of trees. The E resembles a bow and arrow, while the A and the P make a tipi. The O is a campfire. The Dakota Tribe resided in St. Anthony Falls so because of that, the S resembles a wave of water coming down.
Type design for the book To Kill A Mockingbird. I was playing with concepts and trying to find relationships between characters to create more interest and meaning.
Finals project for Typography class was to design typeface. Using tracing paper, I had to hand draw the word "symphony" with my own letterforms. Each page got successively tighter in each iteration as I went through many stages of refining.
Chrome type. Inspired by Wildin by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.